Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Thanks to techniques associated with transmission electron microscopy, it is possible to access heterogeneities on the nanometric scale in porous materials in addition to macroscopic techniques (X-ray diffraction/scattering, NMR, IR or Raman spectroscopy, etc.). HRTEM and STEM HAADF imaging as well as EELS and XEDS spectroscopies coupled or not with STEM imaging allow access to the physico-chemical properties of porous materials with a spatial resolution of the order of a nanometre. These methods are indispensable for the study of hybrid systems such as MOF/nanoparticles or MOF/amorphous blends.

The cryo-MET technique more particularly developed in the laboratory for the observation of soft matter or nano-objects in suspension allows a better understanding of the formation of gel or the ability of certain clays to capture pollutants, for example. This technique, which does not go through a dehydrated stage, avoids the reception of this stage and the sample is observed in a state very close to the real conditions.

Main technical features:

2 microscopes available for RESPORE:

•  JEOL JEM 2100 LaB6

  • accelerating voltage: 60 —> 200 kV,
  • CCD camera Gatan USC1000 (2k x 2k)
  • XEDS spectrometer Si(Li) resolution: 5 nm)
  • TEM BF/DF/HREM (2.7Å)
  • cryo-TEM (90 K)
  • low dose systeml (JEOL MDS)
  • electron tomography, cryo-tomography

•  JEOL JEM 2100F

  • Schottky gun 200 kV,
  • CCD Gatan camera USC4000 (4k x 4k)
  • Erlangshen camera (low intensity)
  • XEDS spectrometer Si(Li) resolution: <1 nm)
  • EELS spectrometer Gatan GIF 2001
    • spectroscopy EELS (0.7 eV)
    • EFTEM imaging
  • TEM BF/DF/HREM (1.9 Å)
  • cryo-TEM (90 K)
  • low dose systeml (JEOL MDS)
  • electron tomography, cryo-tomography

Sample holders :

simple tilt, double tilt et cryo (90 K), high-tilt

Sample preparation
Several sample preparation devices: - Gatan PIPS II Ion polishing system - Ultra-microtome LEICA EM UC6 - Manual cryo-plunger - Cryo-plunger LEICA EM GP2 - Plasma cleaner Fischione - Ionizing system Edwards auto 306 - Polishing, cutting, diamond wire saw,
Access conditions
2 options - collaborations - direct access to the machine after training