Nanoparticles as carriers of two antibiotics

Valorisation, AAP 2019

Team : Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay

Project leader : Gref Ruxandra

Abstract :

Vancomycin (Vanco) remains the gold standard in the treatment of severe infections due to S aureus.

However, when the pathogen invades cells, the treatment is ineffective because of the inability of the drug to bypass cellular membranes.

In this context, we have developed original nanoparticles able to load effectively Vanco (> 25 wt%). The drug is released at slightly acidic pH, which corresponds to intracellular compartments. However, Vanco is not released at neutral pH. This type of nanoparticles should allow a priori to target infected sites without lost of entrapped drugs. It was discovered that only a small family of copolymers with precise composition, molecular weight and terminal groups allow effective Vanco entrapment.

Moreover, it was possible to co-incorporate two drugs in the nanoparticles. They possess a porous structure with internal aqueous compartments loaded with active molecules. The nanoparticle system has been recently patented (May 2020).

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