Master 2 “Mechanincs and Physics in Porous Media (MPPM)


The Master 2 “Mechanincs and Physics in Porous Media (MPPM)” has opened in September 2018 in the Univ of Pau & Pays Adour, in the campus of Anglet.  This international M2 program encompasses the experimental characterisation of porous media by indirect porosimetry and direct imaging, the poromechanical behaviour modelling, the transport properties estimation, the fluid-solid couplings and the properties of confined fluids in porous media.

Prospective Students have the opportunity to apply to selective grants (E2S, Nouvelle Aquitaine Region…). Those grants, going from 6000 to 8 000€/year, available in limited numbers will be awarded to applicants based on the excellence of their academic records and ranking. The deadline to apply for scholarships is April 26th 2019.